Sounds good!

...What does

it mean?


We realize that any of the successes we've experienced are more than just the result of hard work, sharpened skill and creative thinking. The people around us that believe in our work and encourage our efforts, the patients that trust us with their family and the supportive communities and network of referring professionals all have contributed to making Sims Dentistry the trusted name in our respective locations.

So, we've discussed it and decided... We want to express our gratitude. In practicality, of course (we would like to continue helping people), we are giving back in various ways.


We're giving back to our community. We've decided to involve ourselves with a few local charities - not only financially, but some of our team members are excited to volunteer their time for the hands-on experience.

We're giving back to our patients. ...All year long. Be watching for special promotional announcements in our office or on social media for certain discounts and contests.


...Sounds like fun? We hope so. It's just our way of showing our appreciation to those that help to keep our doors open.

If you have a dental emergency, call us immediately – even if it’s after hours. We will place you in contact with our doctor.


Sims Dentistry, PLLC  is privately owned dental services offered to the Huntsville and Conroe, Texas areas. For those located near us that are looking for affordable dentistry and skilled dental treatment, there’s no need to look further to find a dental office that is more concerned with your health and self-confidence. Proper teeth cleaning, restoration (crowns, fillings...) and cosmetics (teeth whitening, straightening...) are just a few of the skills our staff has spent years developing into an expertise. Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning possible treatments or financial concerns.

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